Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Heart of Delay.

Something that I have learned so much about the heart of God is that, from my perspective, He often operates from a posture of delay.  Well, it seems that way at least.  We live in a culture of drive through, instant, microwave society that expects God to be more spontaneous and immediate in His actions.

So many examples of scripture reveal that God is about building depth of character by delay.  When Moses led the people out of Egypt, it did not take long for the people to become restless with the slowness of blessings, so they took things into their own hands, making an instant idol to lead them.  Result?  More delay.  Forty more years of delay.  However, forty years later, when Joshua received his battle plan to take the city of Jericho, delay was the plan (Joshua 6:1-5).  March around the city six days, on the seventh day add the blowing of horns, and a shout.  Did  Joshua look for short cuts?  No, he was faithful, trusting the delay of his commander and chief, the Lord.

There is so much wisdom found when one learns the heart of delay.... patience. It could appear in so many different ways.  A delayed appointment, a delayed health treatment, a delayed assignment, a delayed response, blessing, etc.  God is always on time and never late.  But the best approach is to expect delay according to your schedule and calendar... but the blessing will be oh so sweet when He decides you are ready to receive... trust, patience, faith.  A wonderful delay.  (Proverbs 3:5-6; Psalm 119:73; Joshua 24:14-15)