Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Decisions, decisions... right or wrong?

How do you make important decisions, such as where to go to college?  What job should I take?  relationships?  Do you ask other people their opinions?  Do you do diligent research?  Proverbs 16:25 says, "There is a path before each person that seems right but it ends in...(not so good).  Know what  Proverbs 14:12 says??  ..same thing.  Just because a decision "seems right" does not guarantee that it is the right decision.  The truth is that our "personal opinion" is probably not the best place to determine right and wrong paths.  Our own intelligence, logic and experiences are not usually the best place to go for important decisions.  The problem with trusting our own opinion is it is often founded in an emotional moment, temporary understanding... and it can quickly change.  If you really do care that you choose the "best" path, and not settle for anything less... (which would be the wrong path according to what God's desire is for you), then your desire for the right decision should be a serious pursuit.

So where can you go for those tough choice insights?...is it possible to really know that there are good choices and better choices?  John 8:32 and 14:6 point out that Jesus IS the truth, and knowing Him will put you in direct relationship with the right path.  Knowing the truth means accepting Him, obeying His direction and regarding His instructions above all earthly opinions... even your own.  Living in a constant relationship with Him and daily engaging with His true teachings give you true freedom from the wrong path... that ultimately frees you from sin and death.  How does knowing, trusting and following Jesus (the Truth) give freedom?  If you are a believer and you genuinely listen, obey and relate to him daily you will truly become free to do God's will, and thus fulfill God's ultimate purpose in your life.  The path he will lead you on will be the right one.... always.

Think about this:
  • What areas of your life are you living by your own ideas of right and wrong?
  • Pray.  Ask God how you can know if something we believe comes from Him or your own personal opinion.
  • You can gain greater freedom and understanding of the true path by studying God's Word regularly... start today.  Make sure you are never deceived and led away from the truth of Christ... even if it is of your own making.