Sunday, April 14, 2013

Humbled when they really "believe" what you teach.

"A note from our Dad:"

Dear Life Support Team of Sierra and Sky,
                 Life lesson in Spiritual parenting 101:  Do not challenge your children to follow God’s call in their life, regardless the cost of the assignment, if YOU, as a parent, are not willing to prayerfully obey God’s call in your children’s life when He leads them.”

   For almost 30 years of youth ministry now, I have challenged students to fall in love with Jesus, learn how to understand and obey God’s Word and to discover God’s ministry in your life and obey the Holy Spirit’s prompting in it.  I have deeply meant this every time God has led me to challenge students in this way.  I have seen, literally, hundreds of students respond to this challenge and discover God’s wonderful plan for their life in it.  As a result, I have seen students tested, challenged, blessed and I have seen the multiplying of this challenge explode in others that they eventually lead as well.   But when a  calling like this that Sierra and Sky have responded to, “Go to Kenya, Africa for a month, live and serve with missionary friends there,” finally, I have to REALLY believe all the teachings I have reflected over these years.  They are going without me or their mother there to watch over them.  While they will be staying in the home of our trusted friends, missionaries Chris & Lisa Moore (real4Christ Ministries), they will not have a “chaperone” from home. 

 Sky has long sensed that God may be calling her to vocational missions, and she reflects that this will be a perfect life moment for her in this process.  Just a few days ago, when Sierra and I were looking at flight cost, and I was expressing concern, my daughter quoted her father, “say yes to God’s call, and He will provide the resources!”  I was almost moved to tears as I shook my head in the presence of such faith.  These girls believe these words without any hesitation.  I am in awe when I witness faith like this.

    As Sierra & Sky’s Youth/Missions Pastor, I am not officially endorsing this trip, as we are not sending the usual compliment of chaperone supervision and overall church support.  This type of trip is a stretch on conservative planning.  But as the earthly father of two children of THE Father, I could not support this kind of faith any more strongly.  I hope you will pray for them, AND me in this God assignment too… and give God the glory whatever the result.
  A humbled dad,

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  1. Wow I am reading this post with tears in my eyes, Thank you Kent for leading youth, My daughters have the blessing of you being thier pastor and how they miss you.
    Sierra and Sky , I am praying for you both, bless your hearts.